Wanclouds is a leading multi-cloud SaaS solution and managed service provider. It helps enterprises with cloud deployments, migrations, cloud management, and protecting their cloud infrastructure in time and cost-efficient ways. Wanclouds is an AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud partner.



Wanclouds VPC+ Migration as a Service lets you migrate your infrastructure or individual components to and across multiple clouds in a flexible way. With VPC+, no scripting or learning new languages needed to complete a successful cloud migration. And most importantly avoiding the error-prone manual process of cloud migration




Wanclouds provides services to modernize your infrastrucure by containerizing your workloads and applications which allows the cross cloud migration portabilty fast and easy.




Wanclouds VPC+ allows you to manage all your workloads on all the different cloud providers in a single pane of glass. VPC+ provides you the ability to quickly and reliably discover, manage, backup and monitor your workloads on any cloud providers that your workloads are hosted in




The VPC+ DRaaS is an on-demand Disaster Recovery as a Service solution which reduces the financial investment and technical complexities that often halt or delay businesses from setting up disaster recovery protections and ensuring compliance requirements in case of any unforeseen natural disasters or ever increasing security risks that threaten business continuity.

VPC+ DRaaS gives you the ability to backup multi-cloud infrastructure such as VPCs along with network functions including security functions, ACLs, load balancers and application mobility which can be restored across different regions of cloud provider or even on different cloud providers.