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Automated Infrastructure Management

Automated Infrastructure Management

A comprehensive picture of your network and its connectivity is provided in real time by CommScope’s automated infrastructure management services. You may find and identify your equipment and ports, as well as keep track of any network modifications, by combining our smart software with network controllers and accessories.

With the help of this physical layer management solution, unauthorised physical infiltration activity can be instantly seen, and all changes are automatically documented. Reduced troubleshooting time, quicker service turn-up, enhanced network security, and higher asset utilisation are the outcomes.

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CommScope’s imVision Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Solution

“CommScope’s imVision Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution provides the visibility and insight you need to manage your network’s functionality with confidence.”

Automated Infrastructure Management

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Training Classes are provided to all partners and end users to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest technologies and enhance their insight in cabling industry.

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The ideal inventory management can reduce overstocks and improve efficiency in order to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

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Strategic advice delivered by a team of certified and experienced engineers offering end-to-end solution guidance based on industry standard to partners and End Users.