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Data Center

The increasing importance of data centers in all aspects of commerce gives rise to new business models that enable them to take advantage of cloud architectures, adopt edge computing with low latency, attain 400G bandwidth, and more.

Rimba’s extensive portfolios of fiber and copper structured cabling combine to create an infrastructure that lowers the expense of upgrades while improving the delivery of new applications.

High Speed Migration Platform

High Speed Migration

Your infrastructure is distinct, and so should be your path to higher speeds. CommScope’s High Speed Migration platform for enterprises empowers you to grow confidently, anticipate challenges, adapt, evolve, and achieve success.

CommScope Propel supports the fast growing 400 Gbps and 800 Gbps speeds, as well as emerging 1.6 Tbps speeds – delivering greater capacity to end devices with increased efficiency.

Pre-Terminated Fiber & Copper Inftrasructure

Eliminate variables from your next copper & fiber deployment with pre-terminated solution. No surprises, no delays and prevents expensive installation errors.

Copper & Fiber Raceway

High-performance fiber raceways

With intelligent fiber and copper management technologies that expedite installations and streamline modifications, your data center can expand gracefully and efficiently.

Automated Infrastructure Management

AIM unlocks more intelligent infrastructure

Hyperscale and cloud data centers are becoming more complex, but they can be made simpler and more efficient with the help of the imVision® automated infrastructure management (AIM) solution.

Commercial / Industrial & Manufacturing / Government / Education / Construction

Network connectivity enhances building management, operational efficiency, and tenant satisfaction. However, modern corporate environments demand greater operational resilience and safety. Secure network solutions are vital for safeguarding nationwide data access. Education institutions grapple with challenges like increasing enrollment, aging facilities, technology demands, and rising energy costs. Simultaneously, the shift to a sustainable, low-carbon future must balance supply chain challenges and labor scarcity in construction.

Rimba provides innovative solutions to meet customer needs across commercial, industrial, government, education and construction. From processes to products, solutions and technology, we strive to improve the way we work and live every day.

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Authorized Training Assessor (ATA)

Training Classes are provided to all partners and end users to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest technologies and enhance their insight in cabling industry.

Customer Experience Center & POC

Proof-of-concept testing serves as a technical assessment in alerting your decision-making process and providing you the opportunity to make adjustment regarding the requirements.

Demonstration Facilities

Our top-of-the / leading edge demo centre will keep you updated with the latest technologies and being capable of the ways in which could be integrated into your existing environment.

Design Assistance and Site Audit

Our certified engineers able to provide the proposed design starts from planning until the implementation. Besides, technical support can be provided in site audit with monitoring and managing the network to meet operational requirements.

Project Inventory Management Services

The ideal inventory management can reduce overstocks and improve efficiency in order to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Advisory Services

Strategic advice delivered by a team of certified and experienced engineers offering end-to-end solution guidance based on industry standard to partners and End Users.